Energy and the Environment


We develop and utilise novel computational methodologies to explore problems in energy generation, storage and the environment. Central to this topic are advanced methods capable of solving thermofluids governing equations in extreme conditions.

Involved people: Nikolaos Bempedelis







Micro- & nano-fluidics and Process Engineering


Multiphysics fluid mechanics at the microscopic scale are fast becoming a major technology enabler. We develop methodologies and concepts to study, discover and optimize processes and devices at these scales.

Involved people: Anjana Kothandaraman, Pan Xiang




Vascular Biomechanics & Minimally Invasive Therapies


We investigate processes connected with blood flow, thrombosis, wall remodelling, mechanotransduction, endothelium biomechanics as well as methodologies to invent, design and optimise devices and procedures that treat vascular disease using implants, in a minimally invasive setting.

Involved people: Dr. Tom Peach, Dr. Katerina Spranger, Daniel Baeriswyl, Hannah Safi, Xizhuo Jiang



Recent highlights:

Integrative Organ Modelling


We develop methodologies that address the challenge of scale disparity and complexity, to model the pathophysiology of entire organs. Central to this effort is a novel modelling paradigm – Multicompartmental Poroelasticity – that allows for capturing microscale (cellular/molecular) processes, and for embedding those seamlessly in the biomechanics of the entire organ. The human brain, and associated diseases like dementia and hydrocephalus, has been an organ that we have investigated using this modelling approach.


Involved people: Dr. John Vardakis, Dr. Liwei Guo